Bab Makkah

An Ecommerce platform that focus to sell Makkah cultural products and expostying them externally, Bab Makkah is also planning to have physical location around Haram


The platform aims to provide a hassle-free, stressful and time-saving method for both landlords who are looking for a way to request quotations from engineering consultancy offices or contracting companies.


a platform that connects pilgrims, Umrah pilgrims and housing owners having Hajj housing permit to rent a location for their stay.


The first e-commerce site for the sale of dental tools and equipment in the middle east connecting specialized companies to end users.


A platform to provide a professional way to manage the demands of food-producing families in a structured and orderly manner and to facilitate the delivery of nutritional products to customers with the provision of logistics services.


A Game Studio interested in designing and developing 3d games that run on different platforms such as computers, advanced gaming devices, and smartphones.


An App to help women to choose their own fashion, depending on their appearance, personality, lifestyle and budget, and to associate them with the look-up advisors, fashion designers, and suppliers, both in malls and in electronic stores.

Doctor Tec

A platform for the repair and maintenance of mobile phones and mobile devices via the platform, which brings together technicians and service applicants. The company uses the same Uber model to repair mobile phones.


A platform that connects the parts provider and the consumer, where the platform provides an innovative and easy search method that enables the user to find multiple options for ordering by the vendors, and each vendor can raise their own products and offer them at competitive prices and features, and easy company guarantees the consumer purchase process and provides him with the appropriate warranty.


A site to list nurseries by geographic location in addition to the evaluation of these nurseries and the existence of a full explanation of all the features, characteristics and fees.

Creative Minds

A platform for the development of the child's skills by providing educational principles and educational and skills ideas for mothers with advanced educational methods and methods, suitable for the child's age.

Umrha Pro

A platform with customized setup focusing on B2B connection between Omra companies and Hotels.


Venting-Hub is a platform where clients can openly vent anonymously to a counselor and seek the advice they need without being judged or shamed.


The Saudi social platform in the institutional communication of enterprises supports internal communication and serve the roles of human resources and do project management and provide the tools to serve the work environment.


Aplatform connecting women who required beauty services withSalons and local makeup artists through a unique safe process.


A Platform that deliever coffee to their customers from multi vendors (UBER for coffee).

Cubsat Arabia

Designing and developing CubeSat (mini-satellites) to act as multi-purpose platform collecting data for research and educational purposes in the Middle East, it is the Saudi SpaceX.


A Platform that focus on couples needs for a very customized trips with special needs and resonable competitive prices.

LA Voue

An online store that brings local and international fashion designers to show their creative work for a specific range of customers who are interested in such products.

Ren Turn

A platform that using shared economy concept in re-renting dress between women by clear steps alowing them to keep the hygine and the dress, also the women can buy dress from the platform.

Sport Mate

A platform that helps fans and sports enthusiasts to find their colleagues for various sports to share their passion and games, the plaform shows the locations and equipments needed to practice sports as well.

Unique Cloth

A platform that connects customers to textile factories to order unique fabric according to the customer's own standards. The Platform is solving an important gap in the market connecting the factories to end users.

Alriyadiuwn Alsughar

A training program to develop children's skills in entrepreneurship and economics, instilling the value of work and social responsibility and gaining the ability to manage expenses and financial income.

Pica Roaod

Pica Road is helping car owners who are facing diffculties in car fixing and maintainence in their own location by connecting them with movable technicians and workshops.

Abdullah Bawazeer

a platform that focuses on students to support them with educative content for their tests plus simulation tests to increase their grades. Tamayaz is focusing on a test that qualifying students to universities.

Ahmad Aewda

An application that facilitate the Omra for elders and handicaped by suppling them with carriage with a certain rate from anypoint inside Haram.

Hamzat Aleabasi

A mobile application that helps atheletes with online program to practice sport in home or in the Gym, also has online personal trainers as a customized requested services. Their revenue stream is through commission and subscription.

Bilal Jarjawy

an Engine that produces e-commerce platforms - like mobile applications - to enable SME and productive families to launch their business and reach more customers with a monthly subscription.


A platform that connect users with furniture companies to order pieces online and get it delievered till their homes, the main revenue stream is from commissions.

Yousra Ibrahim Othman

A mobile application that act as intermediate between Hijj and Omra requester and performers and have the revenue stream through commissions.

Techno Heal

An innovate clinically approved VR solutions with cost-effective and high-performance virtual reality games.It uses immersive VR technology to place patients into virtual gaming environment where they are guided through clinician prescribed therapeutic exercises


A platform that provides legal consultation service and connects customers with the best lawyers, at a competitive price. They also have the option to choose the legal advice domain


A sports application that calculates the calories, distance and calculating the points for each activity, then gives discounts from several stores


A smart self-driving vehicle transports people from one place to another to avoid crowds and obstacles, with the availability of a manual driving


A platform specialized in E-learning in the Arabic language to enrich local content in several disciplines such as Arabic and Islamic history


A platform that uses the latest techniques by using deep learning to provide fast and accurate translation specialized in some specific range, such as religious and historical fields


A company that provides effective strategic communications services based on a good performance


Development and Commercial production of house-hold and industrial floor and surfaces detergent with potent antimicrobial activity that kills a wide range of multi-drug resistant bacteria.


A platform that shows the companies' offers specialized in Hajj and Umrah to help customers searching and selecting the best offers directly from the company.

Maahad Sepoy

An educational platform that gives courses in the Arabic language, such as grammar, Rhetoric by using modern methods for Arabic or non -Arabic speakers.


A platform that teaches and train non-Arabic speakers and qualify them to be able to mix with Arabic speakers and visit different regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


An interactive smartphone application contains fifty thousand Quranic guidance that was devised through sixty academic research from twenty-five universities in different countries of the world


A small electronic Quraan, programmed in Braille language easy to carry and inexpensive.


An online platform that identifies religious and historical monuments and provides a reliable tourist guiding service for the customer to enjoy in religious tourism

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